The Strawberry Press (incorporating Strawberry Books) is a small letterpress printing studio, run chiefly for the pleasures of typographical experiment and the publication of modest books of poetry, fiction, bibliography and humour. Books are usually printed by hand, using traditional letterpress techniques, and are often illustrated with wood-engravings or linocuts. Occasionally, we issue a more substantial book under the Strawberry Books imprint, designed with the same aesthetic sensibilities, but printed by offset lithography.

The most recent publications in print are The sea-maiden, The Remains of Sherlock Holmes by Paul W. Nash, and Michael Twyman’s The art of writing on stone in the 1830s: the work of Émile Niveduab in Bordeaux.

Other publications in print include The role of line in art, an essay by Wyndham Lewis, and a broadsheet poem, The black Eros.

Paul W. Nash and Alison Felstead

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The Strawberry Press