The following Strawberry Press publications are now out of print (but some may be found at outrageous prices in the second-hand market).

2016 The sea-maiden: a short story by Paul W. Nash, with a wood-engraved frontispiece by the author. [16] pages. Tall octavo (180 × 120 mm). 30 copies on Zerkall mould-made paper, bound in Maziarczyck pastepaper-covered boards, cover-label, £12.00.

2013/2014 Daddy Duck’s threnody, or, sonnets for the senile. With six wood-engravings by Paul W. Nash. [16] pages. Sextodecimo (135 × 100 mm). 35 copies on Zerkall mould-made paper, bound in patterned paper-covered boards (either Indian printed or Maziarczyck pastepaper), cover-label, price £10.00. A parody of Mother Goose’s melody (which was illustrated by Thomas Bewick), with bitter nursery rhymes for the present times.

2012 Letters to a granddaughter on books and book collecting, by Colin Franklin. With 34 drawings by Phillida Gili. [58] pages. Octavo (215 × 140 mm). 190 copies on Zerkall mould-made paper bound in quarter cloth, £25.00. 30 copies on Japanese and English hand-made papers bound in quarter vellum. Ten copies in sheets for binders. Published by the author.

2010. A little journey into the history of a craft by Guido Morris. With two woodcuts printed from line blocks. [12] pages. Small octavo (180 × 125 mm). Around 400 copies were printed as a Saturnalian greeting on Magnani mould-made paper and sewn into Indian gold-printed paper covers. Of these, 20 copies were for sale at £10.00. The text was first printed by Morris at his Latin Press in 1935, as a present for his press-assistant. It is a whimsical history of the making of books, from manuscript to printing, in around 600 words.

2009 The woodcut: a ghost story attempted in the manner of M. R. James, by Paul W. Nash. With four wood-engravings, two each by Nash and Alison Felstead. [23] pages. Sextodecimo (155 × 108 mm). 56 copies on Basingwerk Parchment, $12.00. Four special copies, printed on Gampi Vellum Japanese hand-made paper, bound in quarter vellum with pastepaper-covered boards and signed by the author, £40.00.

2005 It is divine: and other poems by Joel Biroco. With a two-colour linocut by the author. [20] pages. Small folio (300 × 220 mm). Eighty copies, four on hand-made paper (out of print) and 76 on Saunders mould-made paper, in Maziarczyck pastepaper wrappers, with a cover-label, at £15.00.

2005 The summerhouse at Ketterby by Paul W. Nash. Three-colour wood-engraving by the author. Paper wrappers.

2005 Girls who wear glasses: a selection from the love poetry of Sir Perce Nightingale. With wood-engravings by Paul W. Nash. 

2004 Book lovers by Judy Crosby Ivy.

2001 XV carmina Catulli. Latin poems with free translations by Adfraxinus. Linocut by Paul W. Nash.

2000/2001 The chocolate murder: from the memoirs of Det. Insp. J. M. Retallick by Paul W. Nash.

1999 Three London cats by Kit Silver. With wood-engravings by Alison Felstead.

1999 The Strawberry Press guide to etiquette by Rupert, Viscount Everley. With wood-engravings by his hump-backed valet Middleton.

1998 Four letters from T.E. Shaw to Viscount Carlow. Edited by Paul W. Nash.

1998 The Countess at the bar by Omar Pound. With drawings by Anthony Wilcox.

1997 Taedium vitae and other poems by Oscar Wilde. With wood-engravings by Paul W. Nash and Alison Felstead. 

1996/1997 Two Arabic folk tales translated by T. E. Lawrence. Edited and illustrated with wood-engravings by Paul W. Nash.

1995 London by William Blake. With wood-engravings by Paul W. Nash.

1994 Printing on vellum by William H. Bowden.

1993/1994 The lord of the dance by Paul W. Nash and Helen Pipe. With a wood-engraving by Nash.

1993 Horse feathers by Alexandra Herring. With scraperboard drawings and a wood-engraving by Sharon Julie Pipe.

1993 Raven and ring: the devices used by Viscount Carlow at the Corvinus Press by Paul W. Nash.

1992 An evening with Philip Larkin by Carolyn Roberts. With scraperboard drawings by Sharon Julie Pipe and a frontispiece by the author.

1992 Poems of night by Paul W. Nash. Illustrations by Sharon Julie Pipe.

1992 In praise of John Barnes by Helen Pipe. With a wood-engraving by Paul W. Nash.

1991 A quatrain from the Rubaiyat of Victor Kiam by Paul W. Nash.

1991 Twit twit twit by Carolyn Roberts. A poem parodying The wasteland, and issued in a similar format to the first edition of that work, with the cover-label in three variant states.

1991 A pitiful specimen: the types used at the Strawberry Press during the first year of its existence by Paul W. Nash.

1990 The shrew poem by Paul W. Nash.

1990 Red hot pokers by Helen Pipe.

1989 The dophinarium by Helen Pipe. With drawings and linocuts by Sharon Julie Pipe.