The Strawberry Press was founded in 1989 by Paul W. Nash and Helen Pipe. The first book was printed on a photocopier, and the second on one of the Albion presses in the Bodleian Library. But in mid-1990 a second-hand Model Number Four, and a few founts of used type were bought and installed in an attic at Islip, near Oxford. More than two decades later, sixty small books have been published and the Press has found new homes in London, Witney and, finally, Moreton-in-the-Marsh.

Those first battered founts of Baskerville and Modern Italic have been supplemented by a range of sizes of Centaur and Arrighi, Bembo, Kennerley, Perpetua, Poliphilus, Octavian, and various titling founts, and the Model Number Four has been joined by a small Vandercook proof press. The aims of the press remain the same, however – to pursue pleasure through typographical experiment and the publication of small works of fiction, verse, bibliography and humour. The Strawberry Press is run by Paul W. Nash and Alison Felstead.